Expo Joshu Genku

Joshu Genku, alias Marc Du Pré

Born in Kaprijke, March 16, 1947

Joshu Genku is the stage name of Marc Du Pré. He got the creative virus at a very young age: at 5 he experimented with watercolor, gouache and charcoal. Over the past 50 years he has been involved in various art disciplines: sculpting, in both wood and various types of stone, bronze, oil painting, acrylic or watercolor, drawing. He uses the most diverse materials and self-developed techniques. He is also familiar with installations... and with music and poetry. In addition to his training at the Academy of Fine Arts of Eeklo, which he rounded off with great distinction, he started to develop completely self-taught. His extensive artistry offers a multitude of stylistic features and themes: from a very intimate to an extremely expressive style, from everyday scenes to profound spiritual work, both the beauty of life and suffering ..., always displayed in an experienced manner that touches you in your soul. His work is both exceptional by quantity and quality. The numerous exhibitions at home and abroad testify to this. His artist name Joshu Genku speaks of Eastern spheres rather than of his Belgian roots. His predilection for Japanese and Chinese art and philosophy brought him to this. Joshu is a reference to a Japanese Zen master and Genku is a combination of Ginkgo (Biloba), the tree with strong qualities that lived even during the bombing of Hiroshima and Enku, a Japanese monk from the 17th century who sculpted more than 100 000 Buddhas in wood. His pasion also led him to set up his own museum and various non-commercial art galleries in order to create opportunities for other artists to give their work exposure. (MuZeum Joshu Genku at Bassevelde). After a life of more than 60 years of creation (yes, he has other arrows on his bow) he remains very active and we have seen far from the last of his ability.

Ontdek onze prachtige wandel- en fietsroutes
met als vertrekpunt de Basiliek van Koekelberg!

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