Brussels Museums Nocturnes

On thursday the 22th of september 2016 the Museums of the Basilica of Koekelberg open their doors from 5 pm till 10 pm.

Adults: 3,00 €
Till 25 years: 1,50 €
Children < 6 years : free

Your ticket gives you access to the Museum of Modern Religious Art, the Museum of the Black Sisters, and the Basilica Panorama, which you can exceptionally see «by night».

Modern Religious Art Museum

Discover the latest acquisitions and the renewed scenery at the museum of modern religious art. But still remains the debatable question : “Has art replaced God?”. The new exhibition urges the visitor whether contemporary art can be a hidden bearer of religion and spirituality.

Museum of the Black Sisters

A story of the Black Sisters of Brussels
The fascinating story of the Black Augustinian Sisters of Brussels will be brought to you by our narrators at this nocturne. They ‘ll take you into the lives of the Black Sisters who brought light into dark times, were saved by Napoleon and sat at the bedside of Countess and queen.

Guided tour (max 30 minutes) 20:30 pm

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Ontdek onze prachtige wandel- en fietsroutes
met als vertrekpunt de Basiliek van Koekelberg!


Museum der Schwarzen Schwestern

Museum für moderne religiöse Kunst


Wüssten Sie, dass:

es unter dem Boden der imposanten Basilika mehrere Räume gibt für Familienfeste, Empfänge...?

es verschiedene Ausstellungen gibt in der Basilika?