Everyone knows his red illuminated cross on top of the green copper dome; we see it from far away when returning from holidays! But who has already pushed open the door of the imposing Basilica of Koekelberg, the 5th largest church in the world? Our guides will reveal to you some of the secrets of this unmissable Art-Deco building, with reinforced concrete adorned with bricks and terracotta and a massive silhouette that overlooks the high Koekelberg plateau!

Free guided tours in French and Dutch at 11'00 and 2'00 PM

Ontdek onze prachtige wandel- en fietsroutes
met als vertrekpunt de Basiliek van Koekelberg!


Museum der Schwarzen Schwestern

Museum für moderne religiöse Kunst


Wüssten Sie, dass:

es unter dem Boden der imposanten Basilika mehrere Räume gibt für Familienfeste, Empfänge...?

es verschiedene Ausstellungen gibt in der Basilika?