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On 13 December 1922, the non profit organisation “Les Amis de la Basilique Nationale du Sacre- Cœur à Koekelberg, à Ganshoren lez Bruxelles” was founded with the intention to organise fund raising for the construction of the basilica. The goal of the non profit organisation is clearly mentioned in its charters: ”The project of King Leopold II and the wish of Cardinal Mercier on behalf of the Belgian bishops to establish a National Basilica at the plateau of Koekelberg. The organisation will do everything to encourage people in Belgium and abroad to finish the building; the organisation will collect all the donations in order to construct and maintain the building; and will verify its destination. For this purpose, the organisation will use the most diverse means for this purpose, for example make publicity, organise conferences, performances, collections, installation of local committees…”

Since the 1990s, fissures and cracks appeared in the terracotta. The used technique did not take into account the differences in expansion, due to temperature oscillations, of the materials concrete and terracotta. The process of obsolescence of reinforced concrete includes a slow shrinkage effect and a force back of the material, as a result of which the weight could move to the fragile terracotta elements.

Consequently, the non profit organisation“Friends of the Basilica” became the principal of the first restoration phase of the terracotta in the apse of the basilica. Thanks to a cooperation between the Federal Government and the Brussels Capital Region, and under the management of the bureau Ney & Partners and the architect Jos Vandenbreeden, the works started in may 2003 and were finished before the end of the year. In a second phase, in 2006, the heating system was restored and renewed, in order to protect the temperature in the building of big oscillations.

The non profit organisation “Friends of the Basilica” takes care of a big part of the costs for the maintenance of the basilica.

We would like to thank you for your voluntarily contribution at the following account number:

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“Friends of the Basilica”
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