San Damon

San Damon, born in Paris in 1972, creates the oniroscopism in the middle of the years 2000. Oniroscopism (oniros – dream and scopos – the one who observes the movement) or his grammar of the tones and the hues that work together with an architecture of the oddly unusual light.

The characters take a bronze-coloured aspect, vegetation is dreamlike, the objects take an unexpected symbolism. We feel like we are floating in another dimension, the third, the fourth, the eighth, we don’t really know anymore, a euphoria joins the confusion.

His work is argentic, it so allows depths of field and enlargements which are out of common, there are also the baths that the artist following his inspiration of the monument underexposes or overexposes.

When Jesus became the Christ (the crucifixion)

He is there, it’s our time, and San Damon does not skimp on the allegory, powerful.

The work represents Jesus surrounded by an adapted vegetation, sort of a Garden of Eden, the Christ’s face expression and his look are resolute but gentle at the same time. We feel like following him, we understand the forgiveness and what Catholicism is built on.

It’s one of the very few crucifixions represented horizontally, which gives it a phenomenal impact, an amazing spirituality and an almost intimate proximity, as well as its artistic production that owes all to the treatment the artist sets up.